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Early Adopter Package 

Helping You Take Control of Your Healthcare, Your Life.

Pocket Doc

A personalized provider search tool based on user preferences so you can find the best doctor, hospital, or care clinics for you.

Cost Compass

Need a procedure done soon? Cost Comapss guides users through their procedure options through vital quality and financial information, so they can make the best care choice. 

Care Genius AI


Your 24/7 healthcare advisor is waiting for you! From medical billing negotiation advice to helping you with healthcare costs, CareGenius always has your back. 

Patient Power 101

88% of Americans are health illiterate, lacking vital knowledge on how to navigate US healthcare. Our modules make complicated healthcare information easy to understand so users can better navigate the system.

Care Manager


Trying to keep up with your healthcare can be overwhelming. Let us help you keep things organized!

Pulse Check Alert


Stay informed of important healthcare changes with 5-minute news alerts and access to the latest patient insights, so you can stay ahead of the curve.  

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