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Tired of healthcare benefits that don't actually benefit  employees? Yea, we know. 


With The Healthcare Navigator our purpose is to decrease unnecessary healthcare costs while boosting care quality 

Our all-around win-win solution integrates tech, health industry insights and user needs to provide results that matter.

Pocket Doc

A personalized provider search tool based on user preferences so you can find the best doctor, hospital, or care clinics for you.

Cost Compass

Need a procedure done soon? Cost Compass guides users through their procedure options with vital information, so they can make the best care choice 

Patient Power Modules

Our modules make complicated healthcare information easy to understand so users can better navigate the system.

Care Genius AI


All your healthcare questions can be quickly answered with our AI, so you can be on-the-go and in-the-know. 

Care Manager


Trying to keep up with your healthcare can be overwhelming. Let us help you keep things organized!

Pulse Check Alert


Stay informed of important healthcare changes with 5-minute news alerts and access to the latest patient insights, so you can stay ahead of the curve.  


The Facts You Care About
With The Healthcare Navigator

Employer healthcare expenditures are set to increase by 7.2% in 2025 and rise exponentially thereafter

30% of unnecessary employee healthcare spending is attributed to health iliteracy

88% of Americans lack skills to gauge care quality, raising likelihood of costly complications.

We provide procedure prices so users can make financially responsible decisions

Our digital tools help boost health literacy by showing users the ins and outs of healthcare to be more savvy

Our tools make it easy for users to measure quality of healthcare so they can make the right choice

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