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Your Last Medical Bill Probably Had Errors: Use CareGenius

How to: Negotiate Your Medical Medical Bills

Managing medical bills can be overwhelming. With complex codes and unexpected charges, it's easy to feel lost and stressed. But what if you had a smart tool to help you spot errors and save money? Enter Care Genius AI, your new best friend for handling medical bills.

Common Medical Bill Errors

Did you know that up to 80% of medical bills have mistakes? These errors can range from duplicate charges to inflated prices for simple services. Spotting these issues can save you a lot of money, but how do you find them?

Negotiating medical bills involves a few key steps: First, review your medical bills thoroughly to identify any errors or overcharges. Second, research the standard costs for the procedures you received to understand what you should be paying. Third, contact the billing office with a detailed report of any discrepancies and request an itemized bill. Fourth, use a calm and assertive approach to discuss reducing the charges or setting up a payment plan. Finally, if necessary, seek help from a patient advocate or financial counselor.

While these steps are straightforward, many people find the process intimidating and challenging to handle on their own. This is where Care Genius AI comes in, simplifying the entire process by identifying errors, providing scripts for communication, and offering step-by-step guidance, making medical bill negotiation much more manageable.

How Care Genius AI Works

  1. Ask Care Genius AI for Help:

  • You can ask Care Genius AI how to spot errors or overcharges on your bill. It provides clear, easy-to-follow advice.

  1. Suggested Script:

  • Care Genius AI gives you a suggested script to use when calling the billing office. It includes key points to address, making the conversation easier and more effective.

  1. Step-by-Step Guidance:

  • As questions come up, CareGenius can help guide you through the conversation, demonstrating what points you should bring up.

  1. Compare Procedure Prices

  • Users of CareGenius also get access to Cost Compass which provides comparable procedure prices, which can be used in your medical bill negotiations to help lower your costs.

Real-Life Savings

Using Care Genius AI can lead to significant savings. Many users have saved hundreds, even thousands, of dollars by correcting billing errors and negotiating fair prices. Beyond saving money, it reduces the stress and confusion of dealing with medical bills.


Medical billing errors are common, but you don’t have to face them alone. Care Genius AI is here to help you spot mistakes and negotiate your bills, ensuring you only pay what you owe. Take control of your healthcare expenses and secure the savings you deserve with Care Genius AI.

For more information on how Care Genius AI can help you manage your healthcare expenses, visit The Healthcare Navigator today.


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